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What is EAGERx

You can use EAGERx (Engine Agnostic Graph Environments for Robotics) to easily define new (Gymnasium compatible) environments with modular robot definitions.

It enables users to:

  • Define environments as graphs of nodes

  • Visualize these graph environments interactively in a GUI

  • Use a single graph environment both in reality and with various simulators

EAGERx explicitly addresses the differences in learning between simulation and reality, with native support for essential features such as:

  • Safety layers and various other state, action and time-scale abstractions

  • Delay simulation & domain randomization

  • Real-world reset routines

  • Synchronized parallel computation within a single environment

You can find the open-source code on Github.

_images/box_pushing_pybullet.gif _images/pendulum_sim.gif _images/crazyfly_sim.gif _images/box_pushing_real.gif _images/pendulum_real.gif _images/crazyfly_real.gif

Sim2Real: Policies trained in simulation and zero-shot evaluated on real systems using EAGERx. On the left the successful transfer of a box-pushing policy is shown, in the middle for the classic pendulum swing-up problem and on the right a task involving the crazyfly drone.


Modular: The modular design of EAGERx allows users to create complex environments easily through composition.


GUI: Users can visualize their graph environment. Here we visualize the graph environment that we built in this tutorial. See the documentation for more information.



EAGERx enables a unified pipeline for real-world and simulated learning across various simulators. The following engines/simulators are already available for training and evaluation:

Users can easily add their own engines by implementing the Engine interface.


If you are using EAGERx for your scientific publications, please cite:

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EAGERx is currently maintained by Bas van der Heijden (@bheijden) and Jelle Luijkx (@jelledouwe).

How to contact us

For any question, send an e-mail to eagerx.dev@gmail.com.


EAGERx is funded by the OpenDR Horizon 2020 project.

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